To book in a baptism for your baby or child under the age of 7 years old we ask that parents:

  1. Ring the parish office 8969 3200 to discuss an available baptism date and time. Please tell us your preference for Sacred Heart or Blessed Sacrament Church, Saturday or Sunday and the month you are aiming for. Weekday baptisms can also be negotiated.
  2. Book in a baptism preparation session (we ask that parents attend a session prior to the baptism date). Preparation takes place in the Parish Hall on the corner of Cardinal Street and Military Rd, Mosman. 

Please note: if neither parent is Catholic a private appointment with the Parish Priest must be made before attending a preparation session and booking in a baptism date. Call 89693200 to discuss.

If your child is 7 years old or more we also ask that you and your child attend a baptism preparation class designed for young people with our sacramental coordinator Thomas Dabbah. These sessions are usually held during the school holidays.

Cost? There is no charge for the use of the church or for the services of our priests. However, a donation to help the priests of the Archdiocese of Sydney would be very much appreciated, and in anticipation, we thank you for your generosity.

Can I bring a visiting priest? You may have a visiting Catholic Priest baptise your child. The date, time and church can be booked through the Parish Office. If you are having a Catholic Priest from elsewhere a coordinator is required and the coordinator fee of $100.00 to be paid directly to the coordinator.

One Baptismal Candle is required for each child being baptised. It is the family’s responsibility to provide the Baptismal Candle. To order a baptismal candle made by the Jamberoo Abbey nuns click here.

Why is Baptism so significant?

Through Baptism we are given the privilege of being part of our Catholic community. 
In Baptism we are given a share in God’s life Baptism incorporates us into the Body of Christ

Through the waters of Baptism we have been liberated from the slavery of sin in order to live life to the full. The outpouring of the Spirit at baptism enables us to bring Christ to the World.

The Symbols of Baptism

Baptism with Water

The water is a symbol of cleansing-washing away original sin. It is also a sign of life-the new spiritual life that the baby or child is entering.

Anointing with Oil

The oil symbolises strengthening of faith in the challenges of life ahead-the sealing with the Holy Spirit.

White Garment

A baby or child is usually clothed in white or have a stole or white bib to symbolise purity and innocence.


Symbolises the new life that is given through the sacrament of Baptism.

Enquiries: Please contact the Parish Secretary on 8969 3200 or email here